Want to participate on Art & Story?

Thanks for your interest in participating in the Art & Story podcast! We’re all very grateful to enjoy such an active and enthusiastic listenership.

While the format of the show has evolved over the past few years, one thing that hasn’t changed is the vision for the podcast. Our goal has always been to dig deep into all aspects of the craft of our cartooning in a useful and entertaining way. When we have guests on the show, it is our intent to introduce them as a “guest panelist” in the roundtable discussion. It has never been our intent to be an “interview” show in the classic sense. While we provide the opportunity for our guests to promote their projects, our first priority is always to promote the craft of making comics. Many listeners have reported that as a key reason that they enjoy the show, and we take our responsibility to our listeners very seriously.

With that in mind, here is how you can be a part of the show:

- Send us a 2-paragraph description describing a comics, illustration, or storytelling topic you wish to discuss with us on the show. These can be topics we’ve addressed in past shows, or they can be entirely new.

- Follow your description with at least 5 key questions worth investigating in regards to your chosen topic. As stated above, the mission of the podcast is to dig as deep as possible into a topic. Identifying some key points of discussion is a great way to facilitate a conversation that is useful to our listeners.

- Close with a 30-day range of dates and times when you would be available to participate in the recording. We usually record on Sunday evenings, but we sometimes make exceptions. Don’t forget to include your Skype or other VoIP ID.

- Send the email to artandstory@gmail.com

It may take a few days to a week to respond, and we cannot guarantee that every person interested in being a panelist will necessarily make it onto the show. This often has nothing to do with the prospective guest. We record these shows while simultaneously balancing our own independent illustration and comics careers, and the biggest challenge we face with the Art & Story podcast is scheduling times to record.

Finally, please be aware that as the hosts and creators of Art & Story, we are the final arbiters of what content is most appropriate for the show. We know best what we can and cannot speak effectively about in regards to show topics. We’ve often decided against certain topics that one of the hosts suggested. If we find that your topic isn’t the right fit for Art & Story, you might suggest it to one of the many comics and illustration podcasts on the internet.

There are even easier ways to participate:

You can send us a topic suggestion on our Hotline: (262) 299-3729. Feel free to mention your website or project with your message.

You can comment on the posts found on http://artandstorypodcast.com

Our forum is the newest, most exciting place to meet other listeners of the show and talk shop about your project. You can access it with a $10/year subscription. More details can be found on our Art & Story Supreme page.