Art & Story Alive! Episode 61

April 13, 2009 by Jerzy  
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[private]This week we’re utterly Mark-less, but we still have a great roundtable of cartoonists to take on two topics propsed by listeners!

From Dungeon Warden: I’m also interested in Kid vs Adult webcomics.  Is it a good idea to push the limits of good taste or should comics be for everyone? I fear my comic is too middle of the road, neither for kids nor violent enough for adults.  What are your thoughts on this?

welovecomicsWe then take on at topic proposed indirectly by Matt Munn, who was twittering about the ups and downs that face a cartoonists’ morale.

I’m joined as always by irreplaceable co-host Krishna Sadasivam of PC Weenies and Uncubed. We’re also graced in the audio by Joshua Kemble of the Big Illustration Party Time podcast. Matt Munn of Zed Reckoning shows up as well, and we have some wonderful conversations about why we spend the time we do on comics, and how we keep our spirits up.

We’re joined in the chat by Dungeon Warden, Lauren Tozer-Kilts, Diana Nock, Vincent Bömer, Kevin Cross, Henr1k, Jim Lujan, Gerimi, Cetriya, Gamegeezer, PandoraFiles, and Largopredator. As always, if I forgot anyone, or if I neglected to link to your website, please email me, and I’ll add it to the show notes.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Stumptown, at which the Big Illustration Party Time guys will be exhibiting! Check them out at table #28!
Justice League America #50, from which I did an inspirational reading

All links in these episodes are also listed on our Delicious page as well.

To read a transcript of the chat client from this or any episode of Art & Story Alive, check out this Talkshoe Transcript Generator, and type in the Show ID 14504. There’s a lot of great content in the chat that never makes it into the recording!

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