Art & Story 196 – The Big Finale

August 23, 2011 by Jerzy  
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It’s the final episode of Art & Story, and we get together for some laughs, some generous voicemails sent in by the Art & Storriors, and some news on what we’re on to next!

First we respond to a voicemail from Gerimi Burleigh, Art & Storrior #1, followed by some thoughts on letting your constituency have a say in their own involvement in your brand or identity.

We then talk about some of our new projects we plan to move onto:

Mark and Kevin will be starting a new show called Illustration Underground, which promises to be a more raw and visceral form of what you’ve been enjoying here.

Jerzy will continue with his Comics Are Great! podcast updating weekly and broadcast live from the Ann Arbor District Library, featuring a constantly-rotating roundtable of cartoonists and other visual storytellers. The show will continue to be released as an audio and video podcast.

And the whole A&S team (and more!) will be participating in a new online project called Lean Into Art, a service featuring live, interactive visual storytelling and illustration workshops. The project will kick off this November with a month-long “unconference” called 30 Classes in 30 Days!

We then take a listen to a voicemail from Jim Lujan, who offers a farewell to the show.

Then we get “meaty” one last time, taking on an email question from Storrior ec, who asks us for our thoughts on evaluating whether or not one should end a project. Fitting enough topic to close the series on!

We play a few more voicemails at the end, including kind words from Calmplex, Raymond Bonilla, Jon David Guerra, and Ted Seko!

Our deepest thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement we’ve received over the last four years. It means the world to us. And we hope you’ll follow along on our next projects! More great stuff to come!

The Art & Story Theme is written and performed by Mike Gilmore & Mike Johnston of The Northwoods Improvisors.

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