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[private]First off, let us start by saying that this wasn’t a decision we came by easily. This has been the result of conversations between the three of us for the past year. We’ve weighed the pros and cons of this decision heavily, with a deep appreciation for what this will mean for the thousands of supporters we’ve enjoyed for the past four years.

As of August 24, 2011, we’re concluding our run of the weekly Art & Story podcast and the Art & Story Supreme service. Episode 195, airing on August 17, contains a full discussion on our thought process behind this decision. Episode 196 will be the final episode.

We’re eternally grateful for all of the fantastic and overwhelming support we’ve received over the past years from you, both in the form of enthusiastic emails, and especially for your financial support. It’s been an absolute privilege to be invited into your lives and to participate in the community that has surrounded our mission of digging deep into the craft of cartooning. We will always be grateful to you for the experience and encouragement.

But a variety of things have been lining up to make it impossible to deliver the timely and quality product that you’ve come to expect from us. It has become increasingly difficult to schedule times where all three hosts can participate on the show. Our careers have moved in different directions. We’re all ready to take on even more ambitious projects. And as Mark states in Episode 195, we wanted to end on a high note rather than “podfade”.

But this is not an outright abandonment of the show. We’re cancelling the weekly shows and the Supreme service, yes. But we have every intention of returning to do Art & Story “Specials” down the road when we have the time to do them. We just can’t promise the same amount of content delivered in the timeframe we were capable of a year ago.

But the big question I’m sure many of you will be asking is: What does this mean for my subscription to Art & Story Supreme?

We’ve posted information in the A&S forum on how cancellations and refunds will work. Once all fees have been refunded and the final episode has aired, all of the Supreme content will be opened up to the public on this website in perpetuity.

The forum and the Storriors’ Studio will remain active for now, but Jerzy has been working on a project with Rob Stenzinger that we hope will be the next stage of evolution for the community and ethos surrounding the Art & Story podcasts. We will be announcing some plans very soon to move a lot of this functionality over to the new site, and you will all be invited to be a part of it. We sincerely hope you’ll stick around for this, as it promises to be a much more interactive and rich way of enjoying what we’ve been building through the past four years. In many ways, we see it as a logical evolutionary step for what Art & Story began.

It’s unclear what the future holds for the microcasts, but we can say this: Jerzy has every intention of continuing production of Thunder Punch Daily as a regular free show on his own website, Comics Are Great. He also produce a weekly show there, broadcast live on Wednesdays at 12:30 pm EST and collected later as an audio and video podcast. Jerzy is already in talks with Mark and Kevin about having them on occasionally as roundtable guests. Kevin is still producing the Big Illustration Party Time show, and both Mark and Jerzy will make appearances there from time to time.

This is all to say that THE BAND IS NOT BREAKING UP. We like to think of it more as a re-allocation of our resources, and aknowledging that the time has come to end one project in order to start some new, even more ambitious ones. There are no hard feelings between Mark, Kevin, and Jerzy. To reuse an analogy Kevin uses in A&S 195, we’re still friends, we’re just off to college now, and you’re going to see some new dynamics and characters entering into the fold.

A quick tally of everything we’ve made under the A&S brand revealed something surprising to us: All told, we’ve created around 1075 episodes of content! This includes the reguar show, Art & Story Alive!, Art & Story Extreme!!, the microcasts, Supreme A&S eps, and videos. One can’t even begin to think about how many hours of content are there.

It’s been a wonderful four years, and we’re looking forward to what happens next. Another heartfelt thank you to everyone who made the Art & Story shows possible.

And now we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.[/private]


3 Responses to “ART & STORY CONCLUDES AUGUST 24, 2011”
  1. Zniv says:

    Hate to see you guy s going, but I like it that you guys take the time to make a proper ending. Gonna miss the show. I guess I’ll have to relisten to them all now :p

    One thing, the forum post about cancelation doesn’t work!

  2. Jerzy says:

    Yeah, the forum post will only be accessible by subscribers to Supreme content for now. We may open up the forum later. The only information in there that differs from this post is details about how we plan on concluding the subscription service, so it’s not all that relevant to non-subscribers.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, Zniv.


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