Art & Story 191 – The Big CMS Decision

July 8, 2011 by Jerzy  
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[private]This week it’s all about deciding where to put your content. Hosted wordpress? Tumblr? Posterous? Blogger? Each content management system and service proposes its own pros and cons, and we share our takes on the individual services as best we can.

We also talk a little about Google+, and our opinions may surprise you!

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One Response to “Art & Story 191 – The Big CMS Decision”
  1. EricScales says:

    Just wanted to verify Kevin’s memory of purple people with lollipop heads on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. In one of the more sprawling and wackier storylines, meant to teach kids the value of diversity, Lady Elaine becomes an astronaut, and on a flying mat made of leaves discovers the Planet Purple, where everything is purple and the people are all the same. 2 of these people, Paul and Pauline, visit the neighborhood of make believe. They were life size figures, but very flat, probably wood cutouts but covered with just enough padding and material to give them some minimal dimension. Their heads did have kind of a furry ring around them, I’ve always thought of it like the fur around an eskimo’s hood, with their faces in the middle, but I’ve heard others refer to it as a lollipop head too. I wonder if in the original design it was supposed to suggest the globe of a space helmet or something. Anyway, these people, like I said were very flat figures, and it appeared that their feet were attached to a common base below camera, and when they’d talk, they would turn from side to side in unison. They had no moving mouths, but the effect was akin to what a kid tends to do with an action figure to make it talk- you just kind of move the one that’s talking. After 1992, episodes of Mr Rogers that were filmed prior to 1979 were pulled from broadcast, so the purple people haven’t been seen since then. However, Purple Panda, also from the planet purple, was still being used in episodes until the show ceased production in 2001, so he’s more readily remembered by a lot of people, though I’m sure many kids who watched the show had no idea where Purple Panda came from or why he spoke in such a monotone voice.

    Lots of great Mister Rogers info at . Also, Amazon is slowly releasing vintage episodes for download at this link: Still none from the Purple Planet storyline though.

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