Art & Story 63 – The Big Ratner

November 5, 2008 by Jerzy  
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[private]It’s another interview episode, but what an interview! This week we were grateful to get a chance to pick the brain of Bill Ratner, one of the world’s great voice talents, often recognized as the voice of Flint from G.I. Joe.

We talk with Bill about how a voice actor “Writes With Voice”–how do voice actors find their characters and paint a picture of them using inflection, cadence, and timbre? As with our previous interview with animator and storyboard artist Tom Sito, we’re given a lot of food for thought to bring into our own work, and we have an entertaining conversation to boot.

During the interview we mentioned The Secrets of Voice-Over Success, in which Bill has an essay sharing more of his thoughts on the subject. You can order it here.

As a special feature this week, we’re also offering the episode in a higher bitrate format, so you can better enjoy Mr. Ratner’s fantastic voice. You can get the file here. It’s a big one, so don’t try downloading on dial-up.

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One Response to “Art & Story 63 – The Big Ratner”
  1. Shawn Robare says:

    Wow, that was really cool guys. Ratner sure had a lot of great anecdotes and insights into the VO community. He’s sense of humor is also a kick, so natural and not hacky, yet he’s got a joke a minute.