Thunder Punch Daily 71 – Client Notes

October 9, 2010 by Jerzy  
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Today I share some more thoughts on a freelance job I’ve been working on. We always get client notes, but how do we deal with them properly? How do we tell the difference between insights that are useful and ones that aren’t? Should we take it personally?

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One Response to “Thunder Punch Daily 71 – Client Notes”
  1. hobzburgess says:

    i really liked this one. i have been away for a little while and have some catching up to do on the micro casts. anyway i am currently working on an animation project, and am running into some of these kinds of problems with the clients and the director- who has never worked in animation before, and doesn’t know the process- where the deadline is incredibly tight and the money is not really all that great, so the quality has to be limited to television style animation. anyway the part where you referred to people who think they know story but ultimately don’t kinda hit close to home tonight. and that is why i love these micro casts so much, it helps to know that we’re not alone.

    Jeramy Hobbs

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